February is Georgia Tech Kindness Month!

Georgia Tech Health & Well-Being partnered with the Cowan-Turner Servant Leadership Program and The Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship (ILE), declaring February Georgia Tech Kindness Month. To celebrate, they will distribute 500 numbered Kindness Coins to students, faculty and staff.

“With these coins, the ‘owner’ will recognize an act of kindness and give the coin to that individual,” said Dr. Suzy Harrington, executive director, Health & Well-Being. “As a way to immortalize the individual and the act, the giver of the coin is asked to identify who the coin was given to, for what, where, when, and by whom, on the GT Kindness website (kindness.gatech.edu). There, the giver can immortalize it with a photo or a story, and can even tweet it out directly.

“The individual recipient is then charged to pay it forward and do the same, giving the coin to the next person he or she sees doing an act of kindness and immortalizing it on the website. The goal is to give the coin away within a few days.”

Caring is often demonstrated by acts of kindness and empathetic concern for others. It is the Georgia Tech Health & Well-Being mission to promote, nurture, and enrich our community of health, well-being, and caring so our Georgia Tech students and employees flourish and are fulfilled individually and within our communities where we live, learn, work, and play.

“As you know, kindness is contagious,” Harrington added. “And, we are challenging all Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff to do random acts of kindness daily during the month of February until random acts of kindness become routine.

In keeping with the mission of the Cowan-Turner Servant Leadership Program, “to promote the awareness, understanding and practice of servant leadership at Georgia Tech (www.ile.gatech.edu),” let’s take these coins and pay kindness forward, seeing how and where kindness spreads across Georgia Tech, as we enhance our community of caring.

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    Kindness Coin