Get Yourself Protected

The goal of G.Y.P. (Get Yourself Protected) is to empower Georgia Tech students to make healthy decisions regarding protection if they choose to be sexually active. The campaign consists of posters/flyers, weekly social media messages, and a Condom Availability Program.

What is available for you at Georgia Tech?

Condom Locations

  • Health Initiatives 
    • Second floor of Stamps (additional free safer sex supplies, including other brands of condoms, dental dams, and flavored lubricant are also available)
  • Stamps Health Services building:
    • Front desk (first floor)
    • Medical Records, second floor
    • Psychiatry, second floor
    • Women’s Health, second floor
    • Silver Clinic Exam Rooms, second floor
  • Flag Building (Smithgall Student Services Building)
    • ​Women's Resource Center (first floor)
    • Counseling Center (second floor)
  • Residence Halls
    • East Community Housing Office
    • West Community Housing Office
    • North Avenue Lobby (NANO)
  • Student Center (Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement, third floor)

Why implement this program?

According to the National College Health Assessment conducted with GT students in April 2011, the majority of respondents (64%) reported engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal sex with one or more partners in a 12 month period.

Male and female condoms are effective against pregnancy and STI transmission. Condoms are most effective when used properly and used every time someone has sex. Based on respondent behavior in the past 30 days, only 51% (n=78) reported using a male or female condom mostly or always for vaginal sex and 6% (n=10) reported using a condom or other protective barrier mostly or always for oral sex. Data suggests that female condoms are used much less frequently than male condoms despite their effectiveness.

Review additional information about protection. 


Georgia Tech Sexual Health Resources

Stamps Health Services  Provides STI testing, gynecological exams, free condoms, birth control prescriptions, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing,
VOICE Information about relationship and sexual violence prevention
Counseling Center Individual and group counseling, workshops, and psychological testing
LGBTQIA Resource Center Provides support, education, and resources regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and ally issues
Women’s Resource Center Assistance, support, information on women's health issues, confidential consultation, and resources and referrals to assist women students at Tech