Georgia Young Adult Program


The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) awarded Georgia Tech’s Health Initiatives department an $11,000 grant for participation in the Georgia Young Adult Program. The program is designed to promote and bring awareness to highway safety issues including alcohol education, alcohol abuse prevention, impaired driving, underage drinking, safety belt usage, speeding, and distracted driving. The Health Initiatives has partnered with GOHS since 2009.

The GOHS grant has supported several initiatives on campus throughout the years:

  • #GamePlanGT: Campaign to encourage students to protect themselves and others if they choose to drink alcohol
  • Safe Spring Break: Collaboration with campus and community partners to raise awareness of the risks associated with specific events
  • Awareness Events: Health Initiatives tables and provides educational activities for students at various campus events utilizing the DUI simulator and Distract-A-Match distracted driving activity
  • AlcoholEdu: Health Initiatives provides alcohol education to all incoming undergraduate and transfer students

The grant runs through September 30, 2018

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